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Is Running Start Right For Me?


What is Running Start?
If you're eligible, Running Start allows you to take college-level classes that not only earn college credit but also count toward your high school graduation requirements.  Be sure to check with your high school counselor about your school district's graduation requirements.

You may choose to take a combination of high school and college classes.  Or you may decide to attend college full time.  Either way, you'll save on college tuition.


Is Running Start for You?
Successful Running Start students have good study skills, self discipline and motivation.  Even though you maybe academically prepared, you also will need to be prepared for the independence and the speed of college classes.  Ask your parents, teachers and high school and college counselors for help to decide if you should enroll in the program. 

Consider these important points:

Spokane Community College, Spokane Falls Community College and the Institute for Extended Learning offers hundreds of challenging courses, all taught at a faster pace than high school classes.  Our classes cover as much material in one quarter as most high school classes cover in a year.  Often, classes require up to two hours of homework for each hour of class.  All Running Start grades become part of your permanent high school and college transcripts.

You also are responsible for  completing all high school graduation requirements, including your culminating project.  Ten percent of our Running Start students earn associate's degrees and high school diplomas at the same time.

You'll definitely get a Running Start on your four-year degree.  Generally, the college credits you earn transfer to all Washington state public colleges and universities, according to the guidelines of those institutions.  To be sure the courses you will take transfer, work with your counselor at the community college and next institution you plan to attend.


Through Running Start, your college-level classes are tuition-free up to 15 credits each quarter.  You just pay the cost of books, supplies, non-course related fees and transportation to and from college.  You can save thousands of dollars in tuition.

If you do register for below-100 level classes or for more than 15 credits, you simply pay resident tuition. 


Running Start can open new and exciting frontiers in your academic, social and personal life, while you continue to participate in high school sports, music, clubs or other extracurricular activities.  However, you inevitably will miss some of the "high school experience."

Since we operate on a quarter system, college and high school holidays and vacation periods often differ.  You'll be expected to attend your college classes even though your high school isn't in session.  And, you'll need to plan carefully to avoid conflicts with family and school activities.  Because of this, it's best to begin Running Start in the fall.

College Life

Once you begin Running Start, you have all the freedoms and responsibilities of a regular college student.  You can pick your own classes, join clubs and participate in activities.  You are responsible for following the CCS student code of conduct, attending class, seeking academic help, and addressing any problems you may have directly with your instructors.

Community Colleges of Spokane is required by law - the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act - to keep student records confidential.  Without your written permission , we won't share your student records with anyone but you (or appropriate college employees).  Your parents cannot contact instructors or counselors on your behalf.  College instructors are not informed of your age or Running Start status.