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WSU Running Start

What is Running Start?

The Running Start program is a partnership between the high schools of Whitman County and Washington State University. Running Start allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to attend college courses during the fall and spring semesters at WSU and receive both high school and college credit.

Who is eligible to participate in Running Start?

Every Running Start student must:
1. Be at least a junior in high school.
2. Have an admission index number (a combination of grade point average and standardized test scores) of 60 or higher.
3. Complete the high school procedures regarding Running Start.
4. Have permission from the principal or guidance counselor.
5. Have courses approved by the high school counselor.
6. Submit the Running Start application, transcript and test scores to WSU.

How does the program work?

You attend regular WSU classes during the fall or spring semester. When you have completed the course(s) successfully, college credit is granted. You are encouraged to contact any college or university that you are interested in attending to find out about how these credits may transfer. The credit you earn is also applied toward your high school graduation requirements. Every three credit course that you take at WSU will transfer as one credit to your high school. Your academic records from college coursework are maintained by WSU and a semester grade report will be sent to your high school.
How much does it cost?
As a Running Start student you do not pay college tuition or fees up the Running Start Funding Limit Table. Any credits over 15 or over 1.2 combined high school and WSU FTE will be billed at the current WSU per credit rate. You are responsible for paying for all books, supplies, and placement examination fees for the WSU courses. Also, any student over 15 credits at WSU or the combined 1.2 FTE will be responsible for paying for all associated fees.  You will also have to provide your own transportation to and from campus.


Academic Standards

Running Start students must adhere to the university’s Academic Standards Policy. Students must maintain a 2.50 cumulative grade point average at Washington State University.
What classes will I be able to take?
Your high school counselor will help you choose courses that will help you to meet your academic goals. Most of the courses you will take will be at the freshmen or sophomore level (100-200-level courses). These courses will provide you with the foundation upon which to build other university coursework, and, in general, they may transfer to other institutions more readily.
Please note that you are responsible for your enrollment in courses at WSU. This includes meeting the requirements for enrolling in a course as outlined in the course prerequisites in the catalog and understanding deadlines for withdrawing from a course as stated in the Academic Calendar. Contact Tania Swanger with any questions at 335-1693.
How do I apply?
1. Fill out the Running Start application and Semester Approval Form.
2. Obtain parent or guardian’s signature.
3. Obtain high school principal or counselor’s signature.
4. Return to Washington State University Running Start Coordinator, Tania Swanger, by the first Friday in June for fall enrollment and December 1st for spring enrollment.
5. Be sure to enclose high school transcripts and SAT (PSAT) or ACT (PLAN) scores.
6. Mail to:
Tania Swanger
WSU Registrar’s Office
French Ad 346
PO Box 641035
Pullman, WA 99164-1035

Should you wish to meet with an academic advisor at WSU to discuss classes in depth, call the Center for Academic and Career Development (CACD), 335-6000, and ask to make an advising appointment. If you are enrolling for a Math or English class, you must take the placement exams prior to enrolling. Please contact the CACD at 335-6000 for more information.
For more information, contact your high school counseling office or Tania Swanger at WSU (509) 335-1693 or tswanger@wsu.edu.