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The College Board has made changes to the Advanced Placement Testing program for the 2019-2020 school year. 
Please see the attached letter below.
Please contact Kellie Glaze, kglaze@psd267.org , if you would like to register for an exam not listed or have any additional questions.  
AP Accommodations for students with disabilities For more info, click the provided link.  Any student wishing to have an accommodation will need to speak to Mr. Baldeck prior to Friday, December 20th.
How to access your AP scores:
Sign in to your College Board account to make sure you remember your password. If you don't, you can reset it on the site. Don't create a duplicate account, as this may result in delays in score access. If you've recently changed your email address, make sure your account is up to date
Please Note:  
If you have more than one account, are unable to log in, or have another problem with your account, please contact AP Services at 888-225-5427 or 212-632-1780 before July to ensure no delays in viewing your scores.
In July: Get your scores on the AP Scores website. You'll need:
Your AP or student ID number