Calendar Committee

Purpose: The district calendar committee is comprised of employees, administrators, and parents. The committee meets biannually, with new membership, to develop the Pullman Public Schools Academic Calendar.

The committee:
• Analyzes the results of a calendar survey
• Creates two or more calendars for consideration by the association employees

The committee and association present the calendar with the most district employee votes to the board for consideration.

2021-2022 and 2022-2023 Academic Calendar - Committee Members: 

  • Joe Thornton, Facilitator
  • Amanda Ingram, PEA Representative
  • Tammy Storey, Paraprofessional Representative
  • Megan Brannan, Paraprofessional Representative
  • Jim Bruce, Elementary Principal
  • Juston Pollestad, PHS Principal
  • Cameron Grow, LMS Principal
  • Lisa Jones, Elementary Parent Representative
  • Ben Cowan, Middle School Parent Representative
  • Angela Lenssen, High School Parent Representative
  • Roberta Kramer, Assistant Superintendent
  • Bob Maxwell, Superintendent
  • Stephanie Horn, PEA Representative
  • Leslie Stamper, At Large Parent Representative