Required Documents for Enrollment

Required Enrollment Documents

Required Enrollment Documents

1. Required for Enrollment: Documentation of student age (e.g., a religious, hospital, or physician's certificate showing date of birth; an entry in a family bible; an adoption record; an affidavit from a parent; a birth certificate or passport; previously verified school records; or any other documents permitted by law).  You can upload this into your online application or, if you would prefer, you may drop it off at your child's school (or the district office if it is summer).

2. Required for Enrollment: Medically verified Certificate of Immunization Status or Certificate of Immunization Exemption. For more information, visit our Immunization Requirements page.

3. Required for Kindergarten Enrollment: Kindergarten students require an additional questionnaire that will be completed as part of the Skyward New Student Online Enrollment Portal. Paper copies of the questionnaire are available and can be mailed to the address on file and are also available for pick up at each elementary school.

Note for families experiencing homelessness: Students experiencing homelessness are not subject to provide required documents upon enrollment if they are not available or accessible. Visit our McKinney-Vento Program webpage for more information. 


Required Documents Delivery Methods

Please complete the online enrollment application PRIOR to dropping off your required enrollment documents.

Please make an appointment at your student's assigned school to drop off enrollment paperwork. If you are dropping off enrollment paperwork during summer hours (June 25-August 3) when your child's school may not be open, you may drop them off at the district office, located at 240 SE Dexter Street, by either bringing them into the main office or dropping them into the blue locked drop box located in the front of the building.