Mental Health Therapy

Mental Health Therapy

If you are interested in additional support for your student, please reach out first to your student’s school counselor. Together, you will decide whether these concerns may be best addressed through school counseling, another school resource, community resources, or a referral to school-based mental health services.



                  Jessica Viergutz            Chey Cochran                  
Dr. Jessica Viergutz-
Cavagnetto, LP
School-Based Mental Health Therapist
P: (509) 592-7911 
Chey Cochran, MA, LMHCA
School-Based Mental Health Therapist
P: (509)553-3011


The information below is for families that have already been contacted by a school-based mental health provider:



                  Link to HIPPA Agreement            Link to MH Intake Forms                  

Mental Health Intake Forms

 Please bring the completed forms with you to your scheduled intake session. You may not email these forms, as email does not comply with HIPPA.

Hard copies of these forms may be picked up at at your student's school or at the Special Services office at the Pullman School District building (240 SE Dexter St, Pullman, WA)

At least one parent/guardian needs to attend the intake appointment unless the minor is of the age of consent and does not wish for the parent/guardian to attend the appointment.

The age of consent in Washington is 13 years or older. Students who are of the age of consent or older may initiate an evaluation and receive treatment for mental health services without parental permission.  Chapter 71.34 RCW

Any questions or concerns about the forms can be addressed to your schools assigned therapist or by calling the therapist directly at your student's school.