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Community College Placement Exams - as of March 2nd, Community Colleges of Spokane have made some changes to their practice regarding Placement Exams.  Two significant changes to their practice are:

  •  The primary means of placement in Math and English courses for recent high school graduates will be transcript-based placement and directed self-placement
  • Community Colleges of Spokane will no longer charge fees to students for the placement process.
  • Both Colleges (SCC and SFCC) will still honor alternative means of placement such as SBAC scores, Bridge to College grades and AP test results.

What are Fees?

Tuition and fees, as defined by the Washington Legislature, includes operating fees, building fees, student services, and activities fees. The Community Colleges of Spokane charges certain mandatory fees in addition to tuition. Currently, students are required to pay the following fees:

Registration Fee- $20 per quarter
Student-voted Technology Fee $4.00 per credit up to $40 per quarter
Student-voted Comprehensive Fee $40 per quarter
Student-voted Buss Pass Fee $22 per quarter

*Students that receive free/reduced lunch do not pay fees*