Online/Independent Courses

Washington State Alternative Learning Education (FlexEd at PSD)

The Flex Ed program is available to students in grades 6-12 who may benefit from non-traditional, self-directed, distance learning, and/or online learning. Programs are individualized to meet the learning needs of the student.

Application/Enrollment Process - Students must enroll in Pullman School District to participate in the Flex Ed Program. A formal application process will be followed when the request is made by the student and/or parents. Pullman High School and Lincoln Middle School teachers may refer a student for online learning and provide the Student Services team with data supporting their recommendation.

The following criteria serve as guidelines for a thorough review and consideration by the Student Services Team to determine the appropriateness of Flex Ed for a student:

  • Extenuating life circumstances
  • Credit retrieval/remediation/alternative education
  • Special education services (accommodations, related services)
  • Other issues related to student's social/emotional/behavior needs that warrant further consideration of an alternative learning experience
  • Extraordinary needs

If you would like more information about the FlexEd program, or would like to enroll in FlexEd, please contact your school counselor or principal.