Yearbook Information

Yearbook Info

Important Yearbook Update: 

There are a limited number of yearbooks left to purchase. 

If you aren’t sure if you have purchased a yearbook for yourself/your child you can login to the InTouch system (HERE) and go to reports/purchase history

We will be distributing the yearbooks on Friday, June 2nd near the end of the day.  Students WILL NOT be able to pick up yearbooks early.  If they aren’t going to be at school on the 2nd they can pick up their yearbook in the office starting on Monday, June 5th.  

We will ask for student ID’s during distribution and students can only pick up for a sibling not a friend.

If you have any additional questions about the yearbook/distribution please feel free to email the yearbook advisor, Melissa Mayer, at [email protected]

To Purchase a Yearbook: 

Purchase online HERE

Purchase in person with Mrs. Lacy in the PHS Main Office.  Yearbooks are $60/ea.

Senior Ads and Yearbook Photos

Please email Melissa Mayer at [email protected]