College and Career Planners

There are several different online college planners that have helpful information as well as connections to scholarship and opportunities. We have listed a few below that we believe are trustworthy. There are many online planners that promise money or connection to resources but are really recruiting sites for organizations trying to make you pay for college research or giving your information to mail lists. Please review any site before you set up an account with your personal information and NEVER pay for any information or scholarship opportunity.

BigFuture College Board Planner.  Use the free tools.  There are some fee services.

Ready. Set. Grad.    Planner that can be used starting in 6th grade.  

Project Opportunity  Independent colleges in Washington State. Washington's Community and Technical College

KnowHow2Go   4 Steps to College - can be used starting in 6th grade

College Experience  Watch videos and testimonials of students at over 12,000 colleges