College Bound Scholarship Program

The application deadline for the College Bound Scholarship has been extended to November 30, 2020.  The website has been updated with some great resources as you begin to plan your CBS sign-up strategy.  See link: 

Students can complete the FAFSA at or the WASFA at The colleges that students apply to will use the information they provide on their financial aid applications to determine their eligibility for the scholarship. For more information regarding the scholarship requirements, visit

The College Bound Scholarship is a commitment of state financial aid to cover estimated tuition (at comparable public colleges), some fees and a small book allowance. To qualify, students must have completed a College Bound Scholarship application in 7th/8th grade and meet income eligibility requirements as they enroll in college by completing the FAFSA or WASFA. Additionally, students must graduate from a Washington high school or approved home school program with at least a 2.0 and enroll in college within 1 year of high school graduation.

Accessing your College Bound Scholarship

Here is a brief video that will explain to you, step by step, in under five minutes exactly how to fill out the CBS application and mail it back to your counselor.



Whitworth college guarantees that any student who is eligible for the College Bound Scholarship and has a 3.25 cumulative, weighted high school GPA will have 100 percent of their tuition covered at Whitworth. Whatever amount of tuition a student owes after factoring in state and federal grants, Whitworth promises to cover for four years.


College Bound has started a texting service to support seniors with their financial aid applications. The service, which we call “Otterbot,” is available 24/7.

If students have a cellphone number listed on their College Bound application, they will get texts sent to them directly. They can opt-out of the Otterbot messages at any time.

Students can also text 360-928-7281 and say, “Hi Otter!” to get connected.